Hi Everyone,

Big thanks to the ACA Councillors and office staff, in particular Que Hornery, Trader Wilson and Sean Dillon, for hosting the Nomination forum in Roma last week.

There was a suggestion about Campdraft Central having a 24 hour period for people to nominate, rather than this bull rush at 8PM at night, which never suits everyone.

Capella have elected to adopt this new "24 Hours to Nominate" method which we are currently building into the system.

Capella's nominations will open early March.

After early nominations are accepted, the way it will work, in essence, is that everyone can enter their nominations, and elect how they want to pay, within the 24 hour period.

This nominations will have a HELD state.

At the end of the 24 hour period, the committee will then elect to add restrictions, as necessary, to try and get as many people in as possible.

In the event that there are too many nominations still after restrictions, the competitors will be drawn at random and invoices will be automatically issued.

For those on the wait list, this order will be drawn at random as well.

Whilst its a new concept, it will take a bit of tweaking and thanks to the Capella committee for electing to be guinea pigs.

As we all know, you might still end up on a wait-list but the biggest advantage is that there is no rush, as there is with the current method and will be more convenient for a lot of you.

Committees can still elect to use the "Open until they are full" method through Campdraft Central if they choose.

We are working closely with the ACA Nomination Sub-Committee and our secretaries to develop and trial this new method.

We're hoping this will give committees the best chance in applying restrictions based on the number of nominations that have come in.

As we must always remember and respect, IT IS THE COMMITTEE'S DECISION how they handle their nominations.

If anyone has any questions or feedback, please leave them here or contact me on 0488 258 322 as I'd love your feedback




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2014 M.I.C. (Most Impressive Competitor) - NIKKI HOFFMANN

  NIKKI.jpgSo excited about the lovely Nikki Hoffman scoring a mammoth 90 points on Peter & Dalmarie's LAROONA SABRANO in the first round of the Ladies!

Each year, I give the MIC (Most Impressive Competitor) jacket to someone who absolutely blows us a way with their determination, stunning performance and who represents the charming nature of this great sport. Harvey Wakeford, Steve Comiskey and Courtney Roberts have won the previous years jackets.

After not being out much this year, I was a little lost about who to award it to until BANG!

Saturday afternoon, Nikki and KOORALA REANNA ran a smokin' 89 and after seeing her performance through both challenges and campdrafts this year, it was an easy decision.

And the phenomenal 90 just then in the Ladies first round at Warwick proved how incredible her improvement over the past year has been

Congratulations again Nikki - the Jacket is in the post - and good luck on Friday!

Keep an eye out for a story in the Warwick paper.....






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