1. Committees must use Campdraft Central and run a Futurity event
  2. A Horse can be ridden by multiple riders but the rider in the final must have ridden the horse at least once
  3. A score will work on an average system based on 1st Round scores
  4. A Horse must start in a minimum of 3 Futurity Campdraft events
  5. If a Horse starts in more than 5 events, only the best 5 scores will couny to become an average.
  6. At the end of the Futurity year (July 2015) this average will become a "First Round Score" going into the Final (location to be confirmed)
  7. 15 Horses will qualify for the the final (more depending on a tie at 15th place)
  8. The year average score will be added to the score from the Final (eg, 86.75 into the final plus an 88 = 174.75), just like a normal Campdraft Final, to determine the winner
  9. A Horse must still be Under 5 in July 2015 to qualify for the Final
  10. Verification of Age of the Horse will only be required if the horse qualifies for the final
  11. Winner takes $8,000 cash (inc GST) - contributed to date by ourselves and Mr Wally Rea - thanks Wally!
  12. Other awards will be announced at a later date

Good luck and may Australia's best young horse win!



  • We have a zero tolerance policy on any person harrassing or abusing anyone, including our committees or any of our companies representatives 
  • It is YOUR responsibility to have YOUR information correct - changes of horses names WILL NOT be allowed after YOUR run in the Futurity event.
  • Any disputes about scores or any other matter MUST come via us, not the local secretary or committee
  • We have the right to exclude ANY HORSE from the series, whether it be because of rider, owner or otherwise, at any time for no obvious reason
  • If you do not behave like a normal, polite human being, we will BAN YOU from our website for 12 months. 

Please, mind your manners and show respect at all times



Hughenden Challenge - 20-21st Sept
Noms open 8th Sept, 7PM
Click here for Program

Roma - 20-21st Sept
Noms open 1st Sept, 8PM
Click here for program

Comet River - 19-21st Sept
Noms open 8th Sept, 8:30PM
Click here for program

Twin Hills -  26-28th Sept
Noms open 15th Sept, 7PM
Click here for program

Brunette -  26-28th Sept
Noms open 8th Sept, 7PM
Click here for program

Cooyar - 4-5th Oct
Noms open 8th Sept, 7AM
Click here for Program

Glenmorgan - 4-5th Oct
Noms open 15th Sept, 8PM
Click here for Program

Jambin - 4-5th Oct
Noms open 22nd Sept, 7:30PM
Click here for Program

Allora - 12th Oct
Noms open 29th Sept, 8PM
Click here for program

Condamine - 10-12th Oct
Noms open 22th Sept, 7PM
Click here for Program

Chinchilla - 16-19th Oct
Noms open 29th Sept, 7PM
Program Soon! 

Warwick - 20-25 Oct
Noms open 15th Sept, 6AM
Click here for program