Driving the Taroom-Roma road on the way to Dirranbandi Campdraft and unbelievable rain about!!! Glad for those receiving a drink and fingers crossed for those waiting!

Super Sophie Carroll has advised there's only been about 5mm down there with the forecast saying the rain is on its way out

The big show is still on - Friday morning start tomorrow with the encouragement - can't wait!!! Soo excited!!!




Congratulations to Stevie Comiskey for winning the highest average for the weekend with a 76.14 with 22 total runs for the weekend!

With great thanks to one of our Future Stars Sponsors, Trevor Scott Saddles, Steve wins the FT Saddle valued at $3,950

It was great to see Trevor and Deb at their trade site as they make the trip up from Monto each and every year to the August draft.  

They are wonderful and generous people with the support they have for various campdrafts and challenges across the state.

There is also an FT Saddle up for the highest scoring Non-Pro rider in the Future Stars Series so thanks again for their support for the Clarke Creek draft, as well our very own series.  Check out their website here:

Big thanks to cattle donors Wallace Cattle Co (Stewart and Kerry and family), Viva Brahmans (AJ & Pam Davison and family), MDH Leitrim Station (Paul & Theresa Allgood and family) and to Croydon Station (Australian Cattle & Beef Holdings: Tom Acton and of course, managers Bill & Christine Matton)

Croydon Station is now part of the new ACBH Joint Venture between Acton Land & Cattle and Australian Country Choice.  

The new ACBH Joint Venture owns and operates the cattle herd which is run on ACC Owned Barkly Downs and Acton owned Millungera, Moray Downs, Rugby Run, Iffley and Croydon Station.  The JV has provided an expanded pathway in a paddock to the plate supply chain to meet Cole's demand for high quality beef.

It was great to see Ben Dwyer, ACBH's Chief Operating Officer, at Croydon and the draft and we'd like to thank them for their support in supplying the wonderful line of steers for the Open.


Hi Everyone,

Richmond Campdraft was overwhelmed with nominations and to fit everyone one in who nominated in the 24 Hour period, they've imposed the following restriction:

  • 10 First Round Runs, excluding the Restricted Open

For those who need to restrict, please logon and reduce your nominations within 48 Hours.

As you can see from the photos below, Richmond have invested a lot in both money and volunteer labour on the grounds!  

Its looking fantastic online - I'd love to see it in real life!


2015 Upgrades!!!

Posted by Richmond Campdraft on Monday, August 17, 2015


Start time 10am Friday
1st Round Graeme Acton Memorial Draft
2nd Round Graeme Acton Memorial Draft

Saturday start time 6am
Rural Supplements Novice Draft
Final – Open Draft
Final – Novice Draft
Lotus Creek Tourist Park Upper Junior
Time Permitting Priebbenow Juvenile

Sunday start time 6am
Landmark Restricted Open Draft
Res Open Final
Stockair Heliworks Maiden Draft
Allflex Maiden 4 Maiden
Final – Stockair Heliworks Maiden
Final – Allflex Maiden 4 Maiden

The Mini & Lower Junior will be held on Saturday in the Charlie Day arnea




Exciting times for the NT with the Inaugural "Costello Yard Campdraft" draft coming up on the 28th-30th August!

As quoted from the Jone's Website: 

"Set beneath the picturesque sandstone escarpment adjacent to the Victoria River Roadhouse, via the Victoria Highway, Northern Territory, the Costello Yard Campdraft is sure to be an enjoyable campdraft for both competitors and spectators.  With the facilities that the Victoria River Roadhouse offers tourists can be sure to add this event to their calendars and enjoy a traditional campdraft and all that the Gregory National Park and Victoria River has to offer."

Like all new drafts starting out, its hard to get a bit of cash behind you and we're more than happy to support the event!

Already a fixture in the NT Calendar, a wait list is already operating for some events!  But no doubt, this little draft will grow from strength to strength in the years to come

Check out their Facebook page here: 


The Dirranbandi committee received almost 1,400 runs in the 24 hour period and to accommodate everyone, they've added new restrictions including:

* 10 first round runs per competitor
* Maiden horses out of the Open draft

Congratulations to the committee for spending the last day or so going over their options to try and fit all those nominated in!

Not an easy job, that's for sure, and for first time Secretary Sophie Carroll, she's be doing a fantastic job working through the different scenarios to ensure a fair deal for everyone.

Can't wait to get down there for the first time at the end of the month - its going to be huge weekend!

Click the image below to like their Facebook page, which can also be found here: https://www.facebook.com/Dirranbandicampdraft



ACA Standings - New Features!

Hi Everyone,unnamed.jpg

We've released new features into the ACA Standings & Recent Results!

For almost 3 years now, Sue Waldron, the ever impressive Points guru officer at the ACA, has been entering points information into the new Points feature of the database and website we designed.

Sue has been the driving factor for us getting the programming right for what the ACA needs to run their awards and a huge thanks for all your help Sue!

Also, her meticulous approach to her job has ensured that not only did 2014/15 points season run smoothly, that the information for the past 2 and a bit years is incredibly accurate.

Now you can now click on a registered horse in the Standings and Recent Results of the website to view its history for the past 2 and a bit ACA years.


We'll be releasing Rider info soon as well so stay tuned!



paradiselagoonss4.pngAfter the simply best couple of weeks of my life at the fantastic Paradise Lagoons Campdraft recently, its nice to be at home for a stop. Looking forward to Clarke Creek and Dirranbandi, at the end of the month, with both programs available now on our website

Big hats off to the committee, workers & volunteers (here goes in one breath)
* Cameron McIntyre
* Tom & Sherri Acton 
* Evan Acton
* Kylie Madden-Sardinha
* Kailan Augustine (move your car Kailan!!)
* Fiona Barlow (and Lindsay you champ!)
* Geoff & Marg McCartney
* Margaret Olive
* Peter & Jane Hughes
* Phil Conaghan
* Tory & Damo Kenny
* Hutto and Hayley 
* Richard Brosnon
* Ian Lovegrove 
* Rob Lovegrove
* Bill & Christine Matton and Nadine
* Travis Ritter & Wayne
* Jason Lindley
* Linda and Steff
* Bretto
* Rick Ouston & Col Ouston
* Peter Hunt & Ian 
* Wally, Wendy, Justin McDonald 
* Ellie, Jess, Mollie and the rest of the Acton ringers 
* Brian from Croydon
* Jason Philp & Tony Prentice
* Trevor Shelley, Tony Ward, Carol Ross, Lorna Fanning, Warren Holzwart
* Neil and Sue Walker
* Richard Luck & Ma Hornery
* Shayne and the Hornery Group
* Em & Andrew from Wild Colt Productions
* Sandy McCartney and his mustering crew
* Rob Acton & The Moray Crew
* Jett Graham
* Allen Wallen and the QATC Crew from Emerald
* Deanna Cini & Alison Scobi
* Greg Wallace and his team of pencillors
* Peter Hall and the numerous other front gate men for the week working 160+ combined man hours swinging
* Plus the countless others I've forgotten but it was worth the risk....

I've never been involved in something so big running so easy - the sense of ownership everyone had in their jobs was truly astounding and nothing was too hard for anyone.

Cameron McIntyre never ceases to amaze me in how he handles people. You're one of the best Cam - thanks!

Campdrafting is an amazing community and everyday I feel privileged to be part of it. Paradise Lagoons is the absolute pinnacle of all the great and wonderful things this sport has to offer and it was truly wonderful to play a very small part in making it a huge success!

Lastly, thank you wife. Thank you. Nice to see you again....

Bring on 2016!!





Proserpine has new restrictions to fit more people in but there still is a substantial wait list unfortunately

The new restrictions are:

  • 8 Run Limit per person.

  • Those nominated in the Juvenile and open age events have automatically been removed from the open age events

  • No encouragement riders in the Open (noms have been automatically removed)

Also, please note how the ASH Novice Event works at Proserpine:
  1. You can nominate your horse in either the Novice, the ASH & Novice or the ASH event
  2. There will be only 1 first round
  3. There will be 2 finals - the normal Novice and the ASH Novice Final
  4. To be eligible for the ASH Novice Final, you must be a registered member of the ASH along with your horse
  5. If you've nominated by mistake (it's $50 for the combined nomination instead of $35 for the normal Novice), before your process your nominations, please scratch the run using the red X and add it to the normal Novice Event


Hi Everyone,

Like most drafts this year, Moranbah have been inundated with nominations.

In addition to their 8 first round run restriction, they have also applied the 2 runs per horse rule, excluding the Ladies and the Juvenile.

Competitors have been emailed and unfortunately, there is a substantial wait list


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Dirranbandi  - 28th-30th Aug

Noms open 10th Aug 12NOON
Click here for program
Costello Yard - 28th-30th Aug

Darling Downs Beef Expo Open
Toowoomba - September 2-3rd 
Noms open 14th August 6:30PM 
Richmond - 4th-6th Sept
Noms open 17th Aug 8AM
Click here for program
Timber Creek - 5th-6th Sept
Noms open 18th Aug 8AM
Click here for program
Tansey - 12-13th Sept
Noms open 31st Aug 7PM
Click here for program
Comet - 18-20th Sept
Noms open 31st Aug 7AM
Click here for program
Dajarra - 18-20th Sept
Noms open 2nd Sept 7PM
Click here for program

Jambin - 19-20th Sept
Noms open 1st Sept 12NOON
Click here for Program

Roma- 19-20th Sept
Noms open 1st Sept 8PM
Click here for Program

Twin Hills - 25-27th Sept
Noms open 14th Sept 10am
Program Soon

Bauhinia - 26th Sept
Noms open 10th Sept 7am
Click here for program

Hughenden Challenge - 26-27th Sept
Noms open 7th Sept 7pm
Program Soon

Cooyar - 3-4th Oct
Noms open 7th Sept 7AM
Click here for program